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tv   Headline News  RT  June 22, 2014 1:00am-1:29am EDT

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today's top stories are under review of the week's headlines ukrainian military and opposition blame each other for ignoring a declared cease fire while moscow's. plan looks more like a no to made some. fierce fighting goes on in iraq with islam is taking control of new territories and forcing millions to flee the violence while washington considers airstrikes to stop the militants. and displaying the new king is sworn in . we look at some of the highlights of his predecessor's rule and the challenges facing the morning in the cash strapped country.
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i welcome you watching the weekly here on r.t. international now the ukrainian army and anti-government protesters in the east are pointing the finger at each other for violating a cease fire imposed by president poroshenko as part of his peace plan but this week has been particularly tragic for locals who lost their loved ones in the army to share. the news in the need to. you know you. don't you could then you would not go to the moon being year flood did you should you. didn't let's give. his letter.
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which was doing that but it's like that is the do what. do we want to do is what it was. what part of his plan to restore peace in the east amnesty for those who lay down arms it also includes a ten kilometer buffer zone along the border with russia more power to the region and guarantees safety for all negotiating sides what a shame because himself is refusing to hold talks with the leaders of the self-proclaimed republics russia has supported the plan but says it's unlikely to work with that dialogue. the peace plan has a number of automating like demands it lacks the most important thing those negotiations and that's a radical step away from the geneva agreement which is supporters in their rhetorical at least by all our western partners including the us the e.u. and the ukrainian authorities. meanwhile the un has called for an investigation
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into the death of two russian journalists who died in ukraine army shelling near the city of lugansk. the crew. of the receiver one channel were filming a report at the time of the attack thirty seven year old correspondent he. was severely injured and taken to hospital but died on the operating table is sound and it was also killed in the shelling too where the russian journalists were apprehended by ukraine's national guard and spent two days in captivity they say they were beaten and threatened with execution. yes. we were stopped at a national guard checkpoint and asked to get out of the car and show our i.d.'s when they saw our russian passports and found out that we were members of the t.v. channel they change their faces they started joking that they'd caught
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a goldfish or won the jackpot they force us into a car and we were taken away our eyes were covered in eventually we were pushed into some basement at gunpoint different armed people were coming to us threatening us they promised to shoot us and bury us in the field they said they hated russia and would do everything not to let us go alive then we were dragged out of the cell and force into a car we were beaten by rifle butts while showing america's therm support for the training leader is the us vice president is coming to kiev for a second time in his many months in their latest phone conversation joe biden assured petro poroshenko that the u.s. will not abandon ukraine r.t. support scott looks at the long trail of american politicians backing ukraine's new government. whether it's secretary of state john kerry laying flowers his assistant victoria nuland handing out cookies. senator john mccain offering support from
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a down protest at sarah is what you i mean america's presence in ukraine has been visible since the crisis began late last year and that presence is only growing as u.s. vice president joe biden again visits kiev his son hunter is settling into his new job on the board of ukraine's largest private gas provider certainly one of the reasons provides president biden might be going personally would be to ensure that the scats interests are secured for for his son washington officials arrived full of praise for the new kiev government despite its crackdown against saying represents the will of the people america claims it's keen for the people to be heard on the no country should interfere with the affairs of another day senator john mccain talking to me in kiev in december need to make it clear. to the russian government and let him there putin that interference in the affairs of ukraine is
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not acceptable to the united states of america or to any other free country in the world ok the message is clear but critics argue the presence of the vice president's son on the board of a prominent gas company but continuing for a session of u.s. officials in and out of kiev and the promise of financial and military aid represents its own forward interference which only prolongs the conflict in the country and let us not forget that the western leaders also supported the overthrow of the attic over its government and what that that were and so what they supported is more really instability and ah the rest so this was a thing where their support really means nothing to the internal cod for. it's going to continue as we see it so against the backdrop of unrest in the east and continuing talk of sanctions and threats against russia vice president joe biden becomes the latest u.s. official to touch down carefully making sure he doesn't cross the line and support
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to interfere it's got carty. meanwhile ukraine pins its hopes of gas supplies on europe as we report later kiev looks for other gas applies after cut ukraine off on monday and put it on the pre-payment system for failing to page energy bill. back continues its struggle against radical insurgents that this weeping across the north of the country they are within one hundred kilometers of baghdad and plan to form a new islamic state this week the jihadists have managed to continue their advance occupying several iraqi cities even though the army managed to push them back a little from the capital they've also managed to capture a key town on syria and the iraqi border the fight against the islamic state of iraq and syria group known as isis is forced around one million people from their
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homes reports from the islamic thought the quiet territories tell of the mass execution of captured soldiers and civilians one of the fiercest battles this week has been fought for the control over the oil centers in by g. it accounts for more than a quarter of the country's entire refining capacity of the facility process is about three hundred thousand barrels a day and all of this goes to petrol stations across the nation as well as the power stations the army managed to retain control over it but fighting is still ongoing seizing the area would be a huge victory for isis which is complementing its assaults on the ground with a slick social media campaign piece in off has got the story. fifteen thousand fighters ten thousand operations in iraq one thousand assassinations and all last year alone the state of iraq and syria now known more notoriously as isis has been slicing through iraq moving closer and closer to baghdad and they're running
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a slick modern p.r. campaign to even publishing an official report of their activities using computer generated graphics it paints a clear picture of the terror organization including the types and amounts of weapons they use their strategy details of operations and targets and former intelligence officers claim it produces its press releases like a giant corporation trying to create an image of a world structured disciplined and effective organization or to attract funding but their actions speak loudly too as isis fighters have almost to reach the iraqi capital killing scores of people along the way in just around seven days while during the u.s. led invasion of the country it took the allied forces twenty two days to reach baghdad the alternate goal of isis is to create a new slavic state merging parts of iraq and syria into one now it's believed that the movement grew out of al qaeda in iraq emerging from the cast of the two thousand and three invasion today it has fifteen thousand fighters most of whom are
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thought to be from neighboring middle eastern countries but around two thousand are believed to have come from europe including britain isis has also become known for extreme brutality including widespread beheadings and crucifixions most of its funding is traced to southeast asia particularly indonesia the country with the biggest muslim population on earth and would following the arrest of high profile jihad is there it's that extremists are now turning their attention to the conflicts in iraq and syria. well i says that in iraq after the u.s. led invasion that has been launching regular terrorist attacks on the country in twenty thirteen alone the group carried out more than four hundred strikes not as washington considers getting involved in the conflict by sending in yeah force against the militants defense analyst even even even the says going back to iraq is not something the american people would like to see providing more weapons to the iraqi military i think would be a nightmare they have the weapons of already ended up in the isis hands or least
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a lot of weapons have so then you have the other thing is a good be a drone campaign or it could be a full fledged air campaign and the economic consequences of course all that costs money and the united states is already has a seventeen trillion dollar debt and i think we're already overextended around the world and to get back into iraq is going to cost more money and more billions and i think as i say the american people are tired of not only the lives lost american lives overseas in these places but also the money spent you know they've spent trillions in iraq already. being without say today we're going to take a quick break now more news in a company's. eugenics but you just missed vulgarize ation of darwin science punishment for an uncommitted crying i was never really struggling for believing in eighty feebleminded still
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today for the few i don't know why. but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology they don't stop at just sterilizing yet again and now go to the point of death. for years rarely discussed . till now i'd really rather not talk about that right. i know c.n.n. m s n b c fox news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth and might take. off. for good it's because one whole attention in the
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mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on your good people. and our teenagers we have a different brain. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not. after. you guys stick to the jokes i will hand over the stuff that i got. what about washington getting tougher on its allies like saudi arabia because it's no secret that saudi money was a crucial factor in the rise of the extremist can bomb or to take on the united states drag their feet they did declare early on the uprising. was a terrorist organization that. and others were terrorist organizations and
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proscribed them but it did very little to carry through with that and to force its allies to equally prescribe those groups. choose your language kill it make it with. some of. the consensus you. choose to give to use the degree to. choose to stories that impact your life choose the access to. the again welcome back to europeans could potentially be facing a cold winter if russian gas destined for consumers gets lost on its way by ukraine
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gazprom has warned that kiev might start siphoning off the fuel from transit pipes running to europe he is being cut off by russia after fighting to pay its massive bill and now europe has to be prepared for gas shortage uses auntie's peter all of a reports from berlin. well what we've been hearing from the e.u. energy commission. is this well get ready for potentially a cold winter ahead now this comes after ukraine had it gas cut off by russia after it failed to pay billions if us dollars an outstanding bills ukraine is the main point of transit at the moment the getting gas into europe or many european nations rely on russian gas as either their main or in some cases their only source of energy if those supplies are siphoned off well it can have voted fecht as it has in the past when ukraine's being cut off and they start to take that gas they did it
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in two thousand and six last time was in two thousand and nine seventeen countries here in europe reported shortages eight were completely without any gas amongst those the most worst affected were countries like bulgaria and slovakia we saw real problems there when it came to keating to industry that was pretty much shut down so it is a big deal if ukraine starts to take the. fear apart since it's being cut off for the failure to pay its bills to create does take this gas it could have huge repercussions for those who have paid their bills in europe or ben areas headed to in chief the business new europe magazine believes the you should hold ukraine responsible for any shortages. russia has always been a reliable supplier of gas to europe even in the cold war when we really were enemies with then the soviet union that the soviet union continued to deliver gas the problem here with you know the insecurity and russian gas supplies it's not
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russia it's the fact that it has to go through ukraine and ukraine is more or less bankrupt has been unable to pay for its gas and so when it needs gas it simply siphons off gas that was headed to the west now what russia will do if they do stop supplying ukraine gas they will continue to supply what they're contractually obliged to send to western europe the question here is whether ukraine will simply send that gas and not take any for itself and that question remains open. well the gas has gone up in flames literally a powerful blast of a pipeline transporting gas to europe through ukraine has triggered a major blaze doubt follows direct threats from the country's radicals to target the transit route you can learn more about this is r.t. dot com also there human rights watch bahrain for cracking down on those who use cameras to expose police violence against anti-government protests.
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spain's new king has been sworn in but the mood in the country is far from celebrating hundreds of anti monikers have rallied in madrid shortly after king philippe took to the throne to protest spirit is strong in the stereotype a nation with millions of spaniards being pushed deeper into poverty the sentiment is authorized to buy the royal family's perceived lavish lifestyle and as a result the crowning ceremony was kept like a i for one carlos stepping down signaled an end of an era as a gifted sailor he competed in the nine hundred seventy two olympics and following a military coup in the eighty's he went on t.v. in full army uniform and ordered troops back to their bases not many royals would pose in a controversial photo either having shot dead an elephant whilst on safari in africa and being a kingmaker cyclist did nothing to harm his image among his people but what many will no doubt remember most is the time he told the late venezuelan president hugo chavez to shut up. for the
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think i was a oh oh. now the outgoing king is not the only european leader famous for his catchphrase is the cage you give edinburgh famously told british students in china that they risk looking like the locals if they stayed too long in the country and the current king of sweden criticised by some media outlets for being a party goer defended himself to the press saying there is a broad definition to sex and strip clubs political analysts and show told r.t. about the challenges that lie ahead the spain's new model is very different from his father he is very much his mother's song very discreet but that is precisely what the spineless need now want now understeer king the problem is for him is that the circumstances are not the right circumstances for the spanish morning it has lost a lot of christie she is not clear whether it is retrieve all that christie and then
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let's say the debate about the form of the state more likely or republic is already out in the street and the figures are not do not look very well for the morning a referendum would mean that the legitimacy of the institution of the morning would be subject to public decision that is something i don't think they will ever accept and not on top of that there is that territorial problem whatever the result in a referendum would not be favorable in regions such as catalonia or the basque country so that would show a split in the country that could be very dangerous from the point of view of the conscious unit so no i don't think that is happening very soon. in other news a palestinian teenager has been killed by israeli troops during a military raid in the west bank following last week's abduction of three israeli children say the military replied with live ammunition to stones being held at them during a protest against the crackdown for an explanation we spoke to an official from the hamas group which tel aviv holds responsible for the kidnapping and an israeli
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defense representative we have forces on the ground trying to put in a huge amount of effort and that our primary concern is the safety of the boys so we can't. expose everything that we know at this time when we need to course when the situation permits so we of course bring the information forward at this time i can say with full confidence that hamas is behind that and for that reason we are operating against hamas at all levels all the israeli intelligence information doesn't give bruv. any solid. proof so they have these what they call it. something like a punishment something inconceivable more than seven hundred thousand people and. now under siege nobody. from the world community trying to do anything this is a good is that international law should be condemned by the international community
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some other world headlines in brief and a south korean soldier has killed five of his comrades in the seven more border post with north korea twenty two year old sergeant who is armed has fled the scene and is on the run now the motives for the rampage you say foreign player heavy rainstorms that triggered massive floods in east and south china have left over a dozen people dead officials say some three million people have been affected and thousands forced to seek refuge the dam pours also caused major power outages and blocked. and hundreds of hours. ganza rallied in kabul over alleged fraud during presidential runoff elections held last week earlier front runner and former foreign minister abdullah abdullah said he would refuse to recognize poll results he also promised to appeal to the united nations to deal with the case and move his being supported by the current president karzai. to the
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u.s. now where surplus military equipment will be used even after troops pull out of foreign war zones the american government has been stuffing police departments with an arsenal of heavy equipment including armored vehicles aircraft and machine guns artesian report i finds out there now what they are preparing to fight. well as america continues winding down its longest streak of war soldiers are returning home and so is their military arsenal a used armored vehicle that will be used during swat calls and other emergency situations nine foot tall mine resistant trucks specifically designed to survive roadside bomb attacks are parked all throughout the u.s. local and state police departments have acquired more than four hundred m. wraps and silencers and tens of thousands of m. sixteen machine guns and night vision equipment the new paradigm is it's the military paradigm militarized police and the problem with that is when they look at
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american citizens often they see only combatants this is all made possible through america's military transfer program created in the ninety's when violence and drug gangs plagued major cities today crime in the u.s. has fallen to its lowest in a generation and the special response team in richland county south carolina looks like this ready to take on the taliban should it invade the self this year the thing that it's doing is basically just making it more and more obvious there are they are being watched her eyes are police forces are being turned into soldiers iraq war veteran emily yates says her country's law enforcement is being trained to fight against the public instead of serving to protect it they should be trained to deescalate and he violates her direction that's happening but instead the police are showing up and causing violence and aggression people are just afraid all the time and for no reason our country has never been invaded we have no
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foreign armies at our doorstep however a sheriff in indiana claims his county needs m. wraps to protect against possible attacks by veterans returning from home i see a lot of her annoyance that her as i don't like it usually excuse the armed police like they're in you know. like the people of afghanistan and we got a problem using that as a way to militarize the police for whatever they think might be coming in the future a future where america's local police forces will be prepared for war but who will they be warring against merino port r.t. while full mfon adelphia police commissioner regulate us police the government is trading public safety for corporate create high caliber weapons are extremely dangerous they have a very high ricocheting velocity and that means that innocent people are going to get killed and injured they will be shot they can go through doors they can go
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through cinder block they can go through metal car doors and this type of velocity is not necessary think of can state. where they shot someone and killed so many innocent people and they were not high caliber weapons can you imagine the massacre that would take place if officers had high caliber weapons they will sell this high equipment the repair the maintenance for this will come from taxpayers' money corporate america will make billions off its all for this equipment you heard of the prison industrial complex you heard of the military industrial complex corporate america now wants to make a puddle lease industrial complex well they'll make billions off of police departments. you're watching on c. international coming up next documentary.
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so are we going back to iraq recently violence has flared up as insurgents are taking cities from the current iraqi government and response to this chaos obama declared that his administration is prepared to take military action whenever our national security is threatened oh well since the weapons of mass destruction were never found in iraq and the current militants can't shoot a key forty seven's over the ocean i don't see how u.s. national security is at risk now or before the iraq war even started but on the other hand the flow of oil from us but tamia well that might be at risk but sometimes i forget that obama is a politician and just a day later he was quoted as saying quite the opposite about the same situation declaring that we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq which sounds great to my ears until you wait yet another few days and now he is saying that they want to send at least two hundred
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seventy five troops to provide support and security for u.s. personnel and the u.s. embassy in baghdad i think this or willing attitude towards the truth comes from two factors one lying works and obama gets away with it and to the fear of looking weak presidents have to act confident like they were total control of that awesome plan even when they have no idea what they're going to do i think this is the case with this iraq issue but that's just my opinion. please.
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as if this were to ask you a question of you about the story for you know the familiar with a story you know you know it's the realization program and stories of cost of money nobody i'm serious what's going on have you heard about the news and explore i'm also starring ization some never heard about it you know. what do you what do.


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